Exterior Renovation & Exterior Remodeling
Sarasota - Bradenton

Does your home have the curb appeal you would like?

Everyone talks about curb appeal when purchasing or selling a home, but it is important at all times. Pulling into the driveway of a home that looks like a dilapidated relic from 1973 is not your ideal homecoming. If you are looking to sell your house, it is a sure fire way to encourage buyers to drive by without a second glance instead of getting the engagement you need to sell your home.

Exterior renovation can help in either situation. During our Initial Consultation your needs and intentions for your home now, and in the future, will be discussed. We will brainstorm the ways your home can be changed and improved. Our in-house graphic artist can paint a clear picture for you, so the ideas are not just imagined, but concrete!

You may need an extensive exterior renovation, including double glazed windows, hurricane shutters, a new roof, refinishing of the exterior, and re-pour all concrete. Or perhaps your home just needs some trim repaired, some old shutters removed, and a nice paint job.

Whether you are looking to win the neighborhoods “Best Kept Home” award or looking to sell your home faster, we can help you with all of your exterior renovation needs. Contact us today to get started!

 The Snook House - Complete Home Renovation
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