203(k) Renovation Loan Sarasota - Bradenton

When you consider purchasing a home with a 203(k) renovation loan, working with a 203k contractor who is familiar with the process is imperative. From day one, before you are even under contract, an experienced contractor with 203(k) understanding and HUD approval is an invaluable resource. Our opinion cannot replace a Certified Home Inspector, and having a home inspected before you purchase is ALWAYS a good idea. After the initial consultation, which will happen before your purchase your home, you will understand the feasibility of doing the home renovations you would like to your house within your overall budget.

During the initial stages, we will provide you with help planing the complete renovation, and deciding which improvements are more important to you than others. A 203(k) renovation loan is a different process, and thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the process before beginning on the journey is a good idea. Some references you may want to take a look at are the HUD 203(k) Home Page, our blog and, Frequently Asked Questions page. You will also want to speak with your lender to ensure they will provide you with a 203(k) loans, or find one who will.

A 203(k) loan can be a rewarding process, if you have the patience and creativity to do it. Imagine customizing your very first home before you even move in! Please feel free to give us a ring and pick our brain about the process. We can tell you about it from a contractor or a home buyer’s point of view because we have been both!

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