Garage Planning and Additions Sarasota - Bradenton

Do you live in one of the many homes that do not have a garage or carport? Do you wish for that special place to park your car, or do handyman projects?

We can help you put together a plan on how to provide the space you are longing for. During our initial consultation, our team of skilled builders will discuss all aspects of planning with you. How will you use your garage or carport? This will help determine if you need a garage or carport and if it should be attached or stand-alone. Are you interested in extending your living space to include a loft above the garage? This may be a great time to do it, or we can plan the living space extension as the next phase, while taking that into account in the plans for the current project. We can also help you find out if your home has enough lot space to add the garage while conforming to all local building regulations.

No one wants that “wow-that-house-has-a-garage/carport-addition” look, but so many end up with it. Our comprehensive design process will ensure that the style of the addition is cohesive with your existing home. In short, if you want the garage or carport that seems as though it was just missing (not added on in retrospect) contact us today!

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