Garage Conversions, Garage Enclosures & Carport Enclosures

Does your garage feel as though it is just wasted space? It may be better put to use as a living room, bedroom, office or den. The space may also be used to expand a neighboring room that just feels a little cramped. One of the advantages of garage conversions is that the cost of adding a room is dramatically reduced when you do not have to build a roof or foundation – this makes a garage conversion a very attractive option to some homeowners in the Sarasota - Bradenton area. Are you one?

We will assist you in weighing out the advantages and disadvantages of a garage enclosure or carport enclosure. Our design team will also provide a complete renovation solution. Will you need extra storage space? A shed for lawn equipment? A walk in closet addition? A utility room for your washer and drier? A covered driveway to park your car in? Simply walking in enclosing your garage or carport may be a disservice to you, if all of your needs are not accounted for.

Our design process ensures that all of your needs are met to your complete satisfaction! Start the conversion process today by contacting us for our no obligation Initial Consultation. We will provide the complete solution to your expansion needs.

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